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AboutWheel is a next generation tool for creating web applications with Java. It will improve the design of your web applications and the way you build them in an agile project. Wheel was born out of frustration towards the existing Java web frameworks and it aims to raise the bar in many ways. Wheel features an optimized DSL for XHTML-creation, convention over configuration (XML), a powerful but simple component model and more. Try it once and you'll never want to do template-programming again!
Continuous IntegrationThis is a link to the definitions of all continuous integration processes that builds and tests code on a frequent, regular basis.
DependenciesThis document lists the projects dependencies and provides information on each dependency.
Issue TrackingThis is a link to the issue management system for this project. Issues (bugs, features, change requests) can be created and queried using this link.
Mailing ListsThis document provides subscription and archive information for this project's mailing lists.
Project LicenseThis is a link to the definitions of project licenses.
Project SummaryThis document lists other related information of this project
Project TeamThis document provides information on the members of this project. These are the individuals who have contributed to the project in one form or another.
Source RepositoryThis is a link to the online source repository that can be viewed via a web browser.